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Caravan Ingredients leverages Planscape APS to reduce inventories and improve visibility

KANSAS CITYApril 16, 2012 – Working together with Planscape, Caravan Ingredients – a national supplier of food ingredients and additives to the baking industry – has improved its core supply chain planning processes and enhanced its supply chain visibility over the past year. The company has deployed Planscape’s APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) solution for production planning at all five of its North American plants.

“The Planscape solution has provided us with better visibility into our supply chain needs and has helped us to better manage our capacity in a very dynamic manufacturing environment,” according to Nick Blawat, Vice President of Operations at Caravan Ingredients. “Planscape Production Planner (P3) has been a key driver in our ability to improve our supply chain performance in this past year, which included reducing our inventories by 10%. With APS in place, we find we are able to comprehend and respond much more quickly to changes in our business environment.”

“We’ve worked closely with Caravan Ingredients over the past year to help the company optimize its production and inventory in a capacity-constrained demand-driven environment,” said Charlie Marge, Planscape Vice President of Solutions. “Food and Beverage companies are looking to stay ahead of the competition by improving customer service, lowering manufacturing costs, and reducing inventory levels. We are delighted to work with industry leaders such as Caravan Ingredients to deliver these types of capabilities.”

About Caravan Ingredients

Caravan Ingredients is a leader in food and bakery ingredients, encompassing over 100 years of experience delivering innovative solutions, technical expertise and best-in-class customer service. With an extensive product portfolio including food ingredients, vitamin and mineral pre-mixes, baking products and ingredients, flour additives, polymer additives and specialty blending equipment, Caravan Ingredients serves a wide range of customer channels.

For more information about Caravan Ingredients, visit www.caravaningredients.com

About Planscape

Planscape Technologies is a leading provider of demand-driven production planning and scheduling solutions for food, beverage, and consumer goods manufacturers. Through powerful optimization and 3D graphics, Planscape solutions enable companies to achieve customer service goals at high levels of operational efficiency. With more than 20 years of development history, Planscape systems have a proven track record at dozens of manufacturing sites worldwide, enabling dramatic savings in inventory, overtime, and operating costs.

For more information about Planscape, visit www.planscape.com.