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Planscape Technologies and its parent, ROCE Partners, have the Highest Creditworthiness

Planscape Technologies and ROCE Partners have the highest credit worthiness according to Soliditet rating guide that is based on 2400 decison rules.Planscape Technologies and its parent, ROCE Partners, have earned the Highest Creditworthiness according to the Soliditet rating guide. As a symbol for this excellent rating, we have received an AAA-logo.

Soliditet in Sweden and D&B in Denmark, Finland and Norway have a uniform credit rating, rating history and limit. Each quarter they give out diplomas for businesses that have had triple-A ratings for at least 12-15 months. The company receives a diploma and gets the right to use the triple-A logo as a symbol of Highest Creditworthiness.

Only limited companies can become triple-A rated. To quality, a company must have a turnover exceeding 2 M SEK, have existed for at least 10 years, and have ratios substantially higher than the industry average.